We’re ready for Local and Euro polling

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News story
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THERE are now 48 hours before residents can cast their vote in the combined Wigan Local and European Parliamentary elections.

Polling takes place on Thursday (May 22) with a third of Wigan Council’s 75 seats are up for grabs and ruling Labour defending all but one of them.

The European Parliamentary elections also take place on the same day and will see eight MEPs elected to represent Wigan within the North West region in Europe.

The elections provide residents of the borough the opportunity to have their say and select a politician to represent them.

Councillors decide the direction of the council and make key decisions about the borough’s housing, schools, roads and care services.

Voting is the public’s best chance to influence what the council does and how the borough is run.

Chief executive of council Donna Hall said: “It is extremely important our residents vote in the elections. There can be a perception that voting doesn’t matter, but this really isn’t the case. Everything the council does is governed by councillors.

“As part of The Deal, our informal contract with the public, we want people to be more active citizens and engaged with the council and their communities.

“This is the perfect opportunity for residents to have their say, as it really will make a difference to Wigan Borough.”

Polling stations open at 7am and close at 10pm.

The results for the Local elections will be announced in the early hours of Friday (May 23).

Results for the European Parliamentary elections will be announced on the evening of Sunday (May 25).

For more information about the combined Local and European Parliamentary elections, visit www.wigan.gov.uk/Elections.