Weather warning issued

Looks like snow is on the way
Looks like snow is on the way

WIGANERS have been warned to be on their guard after the Met Office warned of further severe weather.

A Level 3 is declared when average temperatures have, or are about to, fallen to 2C and/or widespread ice and heavy snow is present.

Wigan has largely escaped the worst of the UK’s wintry onslaughts thus far, but last night came a warning that it might not be spared for much longer.

Met Office chief meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “Increasingly cold air will spread from the North West during Friday, with showers turning more wintry from the north. Average temperatures are expected to continue falling through the weekend, with a northerly airstream likely to be established by Sunday.

Frost and ice are expected to become increasingly widespread through the period, with some severe overnight frosts likely in the north over any snow cover by Monday.”

Because of the warnings Public Health England is reminding people to look out for others, to keep warm indoors and to take care when walking on icy or wet surfaces when out and about.