Electric fan sales skyrocket 1630 per cent as retailers sell out amid record-breaking heatwave

Sales of electric fans have increased by up to 1630% with some retailers selling out completely as Brits battle a sweltering heatwave, latest data has revealed.

The staggering sales surge comes after the Met Office issued an extreme heat warning. Experts predict the country could experience its hottest day on record today (Monday 18th July), with the mercury forecast to hit a staggering 40°C.

In response to the unprecedented heat, Brits are scrambling to purchase personal fans, with sales figures from online marketplace OnBuy showing an enormous 1630% increase on some items.

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Liam Tickner, Home and Garden Category Manager at OnBuy, said: “We don’t often see temperatures surpass 30°C, and for them to reach anywhere near 40°C is unprecedented.

Sales of electric fans have soared in the heatwaveSales of electric fans have soared in the heatwave
Sales of electric fans have soared in the heatwave

“Brits are desperate for ways to stay cool, which is why they have been purchasing fans in their droves.

“Demand for personal electric fans has increased 1630%, while some retailers have sold out completely - it is mind boggling.”

As well as personal fans, data reveals that sales of several other types of fan have also surged, and demand shows no sign of cooling off.

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Desk fans have increased a remarkable 455%, while tower fans are up a similarly staggering 358%. Elsewhere, one type of floor fan has completely sold out.

The threshold for heatwave temperature varies by location in the UK. Heatwaves are declared when a location registers at least three consecutive days of high temperatures.

The UK Health Security Agency has issued Level 3 heat-health alerts for parts of England, and there are fears the hot temperatures could cause serious illness and pose a danger to life.

The agency has also issued a list of advice on how to stay safe. Tips include drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding excess alcohol consumption, applying suncream, staying in the shade, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and avoiding the sun at its peak between 11am and 3pm.

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There are even fears that the heatwave could disrupt travel, schools, and business - as the Government draws up plans for the first ever national heatwave emergency.

Liam added: “We want people to stay cool and safe during the heatwave.

“At OnBuy, we sell a whole host of summer safety essentials - such as hats, glasses, and suncream, to help people get through this hot spell of weather.”

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