Wigan weather: Sun set to shine this weekend with temperatures reaching 14 degrees centigrade as Run Wigan Festival takes place

Wigan is set to bask in the sun this weekend with temperatures expected to reach as high as 14 degrees centigrade – perfect conditions for the Run Wigan Festival.

By Jon Peake
Thursday, 17th March 2022, 1:49 pm

The outlook for Saturday through to Monday is dry with plenty of sunshine. There will be chilly nights and mornings, with the possibility of frost and fog at first, but it will feel warm in the afternoon sunshine.

Sunrise on Saturday, which will be the warmest day, is at 6.17am and sunset will be 6.22pm.

It may not be hot enough to dig out the bathing suit, but it will be a pleasant, dry day with plenty of rays and clear skies.

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Are you taking part in the Run Wigan Festival?

It will be warmest at around 3pm on Saturday.

Runners taking part in the Run Wigan Festival on Sunday (March 20) will see very similar conditions.

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The sun is set to shine on Wigan this weekend