Wigan weather - This is how hot it will get in Wigan this week as another heatwave hits the country

The sun is expected to shine all week on Wigan as another heatwave hits the country.

Fortunately we won’t see the same sweltering temperatures as we did in July, but it will be lovely and sunny – perfect weather for catching some rays in your back garden or local park.

Here’s the forecast for each day this week in Wigan:

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Today (Monday) – Temperatures are expected to reach 22 degrees, peaking at around 4pm until 8pm.

Wigan will see gorgeous sunshine this weekWigan will see gorgeous sunshine this week
Wigan will see gorgeous sunshine this week

Tuesday – From 2pm until 8pm it will be clear and sunny with temperatures reaching 22 degrees.

Wednesday – Another bright and sunny day with the mercury hitting 26 degrees, 4pm being the hottest time of the day.

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Thursday – A scorcher on Thursday with 28 degrees expected, again 4pm looks like being the hottest part of the day.

Friday – Very similar to Thursday with 29 degrees expected – peak temperatures at 4pm.

Saturday – Another clear and sunny 29 degree day with temperatures hotting up from 1pm until 8pm.

Sunday – The mercury will hit 27 degrees on Sunday on an another beautiful and sunny day.

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