Wigan weather: When will the cold snap end? Here's when the Met Office forecasts temperatures will rise

The freezing weather has caused havoc across the region since late last week with icy roads, slippery pavements and families having to layer up to avoid overusing their heating.

But there is good news as temperatures are forecast to rise. Here’s what the Met Office has to say about the weather in Wigan into the weekend and next week.

When will the cold snap end in Wigan?

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After almost a week of the freezing cold, things are starting to look up with temperatures gradually rising into the weekend and early next week.

The cold snap looks like it's coming to an end in Wigan this weekend

What temperatures are expected in Wigan?

Tomorrow (Thursday) will see sunny spells in Wigan with 1 °C forecast, followed by similar conditions on Friday before turning slightly warmer on Saturday (4 °C), Sunday will be warmer still at 8 °C and 11 °C is expected on Monday.

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What does the Met Office say?

Paul Gundersen, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: “Over the last week, the UK has been held in a northerly airflow bringing cold, sometimes Arctic air, to the UK. We will still have this northerly influence to our weather patterns until the weekend, but then the cold conditions will lose exclusive dominance over the UK’s weather patterns and we will move into a regime where relatively mild and relatively cold conditions will vie for supremacy.

“We can expect changeable conditions with colder and milder air not too far away from our shores, but it does seem that the Atlantic ‘has woken up’ compared with recent days and will be a stronger influence, countering any further bouts of extreme cold conditions, although spells of further wintry weather remain possible through the rest of December.”

What does the UK long-range weather forecast say?

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According to the Met Office the start of next week will see showers, heavy at times, across the north and northwest and some rain in the far south. Drier, brighter conditions likely in between. The remainder of the period carries some uncertainty, but less cold and more changeable conditions seem more likely, especially in southern areas. Meanwhile, further north, there is a greater chance of colder weather along with some wintry showers being more prevalent.

What about late December/early January?

Conditions in late December and early January are associated with reasonable degree of uncertainty, according to the Met Office. The most likely weather pattern is one of weather systems running in from the Atlantic from time to time, bringing some wet weather and briefly milder conditions. However there will also like be some colder interludes, bringing the risk of ice, snow and overnight frosts, though at present no strong signal for any cold spell to be particularly long-lived or exceptional.