Will Wigan see any more sun before the autumn? Here's the long-range weather forecast from the Met Office

This summer has seen three heatwaves, the hottest temperature on record and plenty of sunshine, but with autumn fast approaching the end of summer means darker evenings and much cooler temperatures. But will Wigan see any more sun before the autumn?

This year autumn officially begins on Friday, September 23, and ends on Wednesday, December 21, when it makes way for winter. This is know as the astronomical autumn.

However, by the meteorological calendar, the first day of autumn is always September 1 and ends on November 30.

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But UK calendars count the astronomical autumn as the official changing of the seasons.

Autumn is a beautiful time of yearAutumn is a beautiful time of year
Autumn is a beautiful time of year

The question is, will Wigan see any more sun before the autumn?

According to the met office the long-range forecast from September 5 to September 28 is pretty bleak but some brighter spells are possible.

Their forecast states that the start of this period is expected to bring areas of thick cloud and heavy, thundery rain or showers to many places. Any periods of rain could be longer than recently experienced. Some brighter spells are also possible. Strong winds are also likely in places, perhaps with a risk of gales.

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Temperatures are expected to be around average but variable, especially under longer spells of rain where it may be cooler, or in any sunshine which will feel warmer. Towards the end of the period, the rainfall is likely to die out, leading to many areas becoming a little drier, although there may still be a chance of showers for many places. Temperatures will probably be around average.

From September 14 onwards, it's likely the country will experience an east-west split in conditions, with eastern parts seeing the driest weather with the most sunshine, and western parts experiencing more rain or showers at times. Nocturnal mist or fog patches are expected to become more common through the period, with these conditions being most likely in the south and east. Temperatures are likely to be above average for most.

Will Wigan see any more sun before the autumn? In short, possibly. Some brighter spells are possible as the evenings start to draw in.

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