Weekend dispersal order announced

The dispersal order map handed out by police
The dispersal order map handed out by police

POLICE have introduced a dispersal order in a Wigan neighbourhood which has seen anti-social behaviour rocket in recent weeks.

Officers say that problems in the Worsley Mesnes area, particular around Zeddy’s Spar has risen, forcing them to take this special measure over the weekend

The order, which comes under section 35 of the Anti–Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, means police officers are allowed to ask individuals to leave the area if they believe their behaviour could lead or has led to anti-social behaviour.

It will run from 5pm today (Friday) until 5pm on Sunday.

A police spokesman said: “Due to an increase in Anti-Social Behaviour in and around Zeddy’s Spar in Worsley Mesnes, we have now put in place this dispersal order.

“This means that a Police Constable or PCSO may give a direction and any person in a public place (within the map outlined) to leave the locality and not to return for the period specified.

“There must be reasonable grounds to suspect that the behaviour of the individual has contributed or is likely to contribute to members of the public in the specified locality being harassed, alarmed or distressed, or the occurrence in the locality of crime or disorder and that by giving a direction to a person is necessary for the purpose or removing or reducing the likelihood of the above.”

The area follows the area around Worsley Mesnes Drive and along Adams Drive and behind Dryden Close.

The police spokesman added: “The person given the direction can be required to hand over items causing or likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to members of the public. This could be any item, but could include alcohol, fireworks or spray paint, music player etc.

“It is an offence for the person not to hand over the item if asked to do so. It is also an offence to fail to adhere to a direction to leave.

“Please call us if you see any Anti-social behaviour in this area using 101. In an emergency use 999.”