What next for former Wigan health centre as demolition is completed?

Mystery surrounds the demolition of a former health centre and the future of the site.

Demolition is now complete
Demolition is now complete

Residents were surprised to see the building once home to Beech Hill Medical Practice, on Gidlow Lane, being knocked down.

But despite inquiries made by the Post, it is not clear why it was demolished or how the site will next be used.

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It was used as a health centre until around 2000, when it was replaced by the current Beech Hill Medical Practice on the same road.

It is understood the centre was used for other health-related purposes after that.

A spokesman for Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust said they leased the building and moved out in September 2016. Wigan

Council does not currently have any planning applications relating to the site which could reveal how it will be used in future.