What’s this in my chicken?

This was found after cutting into a piece of 'Willow Farm' chicken from Tesco
This was found after cutting into a piece of 'Willow Farm' chicken from Tesco
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A SUPERMARKET giant has launched an investigation after a Wigan man discovered a startling green object in his packet of chicken.

Tests have yet to confirm exactly what Michael Roddy found piercing the breast meat - whether it is discoloured bone or perhaps some kind of plastic spike.

The find came as Tesco and other supermarkets are reeling from the discovery of horse meat in supposedly beef-only products.

Transport operator Mr Roddy bought his chicken containing the alarming and unwanted addition from the chain’s Horwich store.

The company has reassured its customer that it is sending the product back to the supplier for further investigation.

Michael from Aspull said that he thought it would have been quality chicken. The 24-year-old said: “My mum bought the chicken that day and she has been a loyal customer to Tesco for as long as I can remember and we have always shopped there but this has really made our family think twice about going again.

“I will most definitely be staying well away from their meat products.

“Considering this was supposed to be free range, quality chicken we thought spending that little extra on quality would be worth our while.

“The thing inside the chicken was firm to touch. It didn’t smell though which led us to believe it was some sort of foreign body rather than a rotten bone.

“And instead we ended up having to spend extra money on a takeaway for tea after a hard day’s work.

“By the time we had taken the chicken back to Tesco and spent an hour there without so much as a simple sorry from the staff, including a manager, we were worn out.

“The only compensation Tesco offered was our money back for the product and not a hint of remorse from any member of staff, who even tried to tell us it had simply gone off, which clearly isn’t the case.”

Three weeks ago, horse DNA was found in a selection of the supermarket’s burgers and certain brands of the meat were quickly removed from the shelves.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We expect our food to be of the highest quality, and we will be sending the product back to the supplier so that they can thoroughly investigate.”

Now, Michael and his family are expecting a result from the inquiry in several days’ time.

He said: “This ordeal feels like its aged me 10 years.

“Being a huge meat lover all my life it has made me seriously contemplate becoming a vegetarian.

“Just thinking of that piece of chicken sends shivers down my spine.”