Wife’s jail term for knife attack

Jailed: Carrie Entwhistle
Jailed: Carrie Entwhistle

A WOMAN who thrust a kitchen knife into her husband’s gut during a row has been jailed.

Carrie Entwhistle looked shocked when a judge sentenced her to 10 months and her daughter broke down in tears in the public gallery.

He’s a cheeky *******, it serves him right

Carrie Entwhistle

A court heard the marriage had been under strain as she had been suspicious about her lorry driver husband David who was frequently away for a week at a time. But matters came to a head on November 28 when they rowed about a witness statement he was to make to a solicitor about a friend.

A drunken Entwhistle punched him in the face and head and hit him with a lamp but he did not retaliate. He decided to pack a suitcase and then went into the kitchen to get his wallet and car keys.

“His wife had taken a knife from the block of knives and as he turned she stabbed him in the abdomen,” said Edmund Haygarth, prosecuting. “At first he thought she had punched him but looked down and saw he was bleeding profusely and noticed the knife in his wife’s hand. He drove himself to Wigan Infirmary and arrived holding his stomach.”

He underwent emergency surgery for multiple perforations to his bowel and remained in hospital for a week. Police arrested Entwhistle at their home in Bickershaw Lane, Bickershaw and she admitted the attack, saying, “He’s a cheeky *******, it serves him right.”

The 48-year-old pleaded guilty to wounding. Geoffrey Lowe, defending, said Entwhistle, who had been violent to her husband in the past, was “riven with remorse. Both husband and wife want to reflect on it and both genuinely want to get back together.”

Mr Lowe said Entwhistle, who has no previous convictions, is carer for her sick mother and elderly father. She has her own medical problems and is awaiting a scan.

Judge Robert Trevor-Jones said “no violence can be condoned. When one arms themselves with a dangerous weapon and uses it, it goes into a completely different category. It was one blow but nevertheless a deliberate blow and the consequences were serious. Had he not undergone urgent surgery for the perforations it could have been fatal.”