Wigan Athletic fans show their loyalty

Wigan Athletic fans
Wigan Athletic fans

A WIGAN Athletic fan group has a special plan to show the supporters’ unwavering support for their club.

It’s been a rotten season for Latics with their expected promotion push being swapped for a bleak-looking relegation battle.

We are asking fans of Wigan Athletic to have a day of celebration at Blackpool this Saturday

A group spokesman

They take on bottom-placed Blackpool at the weekend, the only club below them in the Championship table, and despite the lack of excitement on the pitch in recent weeks, it’s expected a strong army of fans will make the trip.

And it is also 20 years since Dave Whelan took over the club and it began its climb from bottom division obscurity to Premier League and FA Cup glory.

Supporter network Latics United, a joint force of the various fan websites associated with the club, has come up with a special way of getting behind the club ... by singing 90 songs in 90 minutes.

It is hoped the medley will spur the team onto a much-needed victory but it will also act as a celebration of an epic two decades, regardless of what the immediate future holds.

A group spokesman said: “We are asking fans of Wigan Athletic to have a day of celebration at Blackpool this Saturday.

“We have had a wonderful 20 years since Dave Whelan took over the club and older fans have plenty other great memories before that to draw upon too.

“So let’s celebrate the players who have worn the blue and white, celebrate the trophies and promotions and celebrate the unbelievable history of Wigan Athletic with 90 minutes of noise.

“It’s Blackpool away, it’s always a good away day with fans in, ahem, boisterous mood so let’s make the most of it as it may be the last chance we get to salvage our season. Who knows – it might even have a positive influence on the pitch.”

Latics United has provided a lengthy list of songs from the terraces from the club’s history with legends such as Andy Liddell, Arjan De Zeeuw and Larry Lloyd, to name but three, getting mentioned.

However, not to deter supporters from bringing in their own ideas including ones for the current crop of players, others are encouraged to add their own.

Latics United added: “The songs can be as obscure as you like.

“Just bring your voices and prepare to make a wall of noise.

“Of course, we don’t want to detract from those players on the field so it might even be the time to think up some songs about our newer players yet to make a name for themselves as well.

“But for 90 minutes, let’s sing for the team, for players past and present and see where it gets us. Maybe even a rare victory.

“Print this piece off and hand it to your friends! Get your phones out to video it and we’ll show everyone in the world of football that we stick with our team to the end no matter how tough times are.

“Blackpool away is probably our last big turnout this season unless things change so let’s go there and enjoy ourselves!”