Wigan ballet teacher bares all on tv dating show

'Scary, exciting and awkward' ... just some of the ways a Standish ballet teacher described appearing completely naked on Channel 4 on Monday night.

Friday, 5th August 2016, 12:46 pm
Updated Friday, 5th August 2016, 2:49 pm
Ania Crosby

Baring all in front of millions of viewers in the hope of finding love, 21-year-old Ania Crosby appeared on controversial new show Naked Attraction where she judged her potential suitors on just their body parts.

The dating show is striped back – literally – and saw Ania whittle down six men just based on their naked bodies, before going on a (fully clothed) date with one of them.

And despite being anxious before the show, Ania says body confidence was never an issue.

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Ania Crosby on Channel 4's new dating show Naked Attraction

“I’m the sort of person who is always naked around my friends,” said Ania. “If we’re getting ready then I’m quite happy for them to see everything because I’m quite confident with my body.”

And after travelling down to London and baring all for producers, Ania, who does not want to reveal the name of the Wigan school she teaches at, found out she’d made the show.

She said: “They wanted to know if you’re good at being naked on camera and a doctor spoke to us about some of the negative comments we might get and how to prepare for that.”

Sat at home watching the show with her cousin, Ania joined millions of viewers in seeing her describe and analyse the bodies of six naked men.

Ania Crosby on Channel 4's new dating show Naked Attraction

“My friends know exactly what I’m like so this wasn’t a big thing for them but it was weird knowing all my family watched it. My mum has been very supportive from the start and the reaction’s been really positive since it was shown.”

Ania went on to pick roofer Jamie from Essex but says the date just didn’t have “a spark”.

She added: “It was awkward meeting up again but I really enjoyed the show and 99 per cent of comments were positive which was much more than I expected. I’m still very much single but I think I’ll stick to the traditional, clothes on style of dating from now on.”