Wigan bank targeted by climate change protestors

Climate change activists staged a creative protest by “cleaning up” a Wigan bank as part of a national demonstration again the “escalating climate crisis”.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 9:52 am
Demonstrators outside the bank

Around 15 Extinction Rebellion members staged the protest outside the Barclays branch, holding banners saying “Climate crime scene. Please do not enter.”

People dressed in white paper suits used mops and scrubbing brushes to clean up its frontage. Others held up placards and handed out leaflets calling on Barclays to “clean up its act and stop funding fossil fuels”.

A guitar and flute duo performed a song called Dangerous and Dirty to reinforce this message.

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The Extinction Rebellion clean-up

It was one of 20 protests outside Barclays branches held on the same day around the UK.

Gill Marshall, from Springfield, said: “The longer we keep burning fossil fuels the worse it will get. Yet Barclays continues to fund exploration and infrastructure projects aimed at producing even more fossil fuel, for example fracking companies and oil pipelines. We say to Barclays: don’t turn this crisis into a catastrophe. Divest from fossil fuels. Clean up your act!”

Pete Hewitson, from Standish, said: “This is an emergency. Climate breakdown is happening right now. The most recent examples are the people flooded out of their homes in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire and the wildfires in Australia.

“Scientists say we need to leave most known fossil fuel reserves in the ground otherwise the effects on the climate will be disastrous. More frequent, and more extreme, storms and heatwaves will lead to widespread crop failure and food shortages. Millions of people will lose their homes because of flooding and rises in sea level.

“Yet Barclays are investing in companies that are exploring for more oil and gas. If you keep your money with Barclays, please switch to a more ethical bank – and tell Barclays they must clean up their act.”

A bank spokesperson said: “We recognise that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today, and are determined to do all we can to support the transition to a low carbon economy, while also ensuring that global energy needs continue to be met.”