Wigan bobby hailed a hero

Sgt Michael Confrey (left)
Sgt Michael Confrey (left)

A WIGAN police officer has been hailed a hero for exposing criminal negligence behind a teenager’s tragic death on the far side of the world.

Det Sgt Mick Confrey was brought in to investigate the electrocution of conservation volunteer Luke Molnar on a remote and idyllic isle off Fiji.

Concerns had been raised by family that local inquiries, which concluded the 17-year-old from Stretford’s death was just an unfortunate accident, had been far from thorough.

And after tracking down witnesses both in Britain and the South Pacific, the 46-year-old officer from Golborne built a case which led to the successful prosecution for manslaughter of the electrician whose botched handiwork at huts where Luke was staying had led to the fatality.

An out-of-court settlement has also been settled between Luke’s family and Coral Cay Conservations, the international organisation through which he had been studying marine life when tragedy struck almost six years ago.