Wigan bottom of diversity leagues


BIRTH rates in Wigan borough are the third highest in the region and the borough is the least ethnically diverse according to a new report.

Statistics released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that in the borough, women give birth to an average of 1.87 children during their lifetime – higher than the average for England and Wales of 1.76.

The Vital Statistics: Population and Health Reference Tables report also revealed that Wigan is the least ethnically diverse area of Greater Manchester, with only 259 children born to non-British parents in the borough in 2012.

In total there were 3,731 births in the borough that year with only Manchester (8,160) and Bolton (3,975) having higher rates.

Of the births in Wigan only 124 were to parents born in other European Union affiliated countries while 70 were from the Middle East and Asia, 521 from Africa and 10 from other parts of the world.

The report also stated that Wigan had the second highest number of deaths in 2012, with 3,054, only topped by Manchester (3,466).

There were also 967 marriages last year in Wigan – the second highest again behind Manchester.

Of these 394, were religious ceremonies and 573 civil partnerships.

The ONS report revealed that the average marriage length is 32 years, with 34 per cent of marriages ending in divorce before the 20th wedding anniversary.