Wigan couple’s invite to Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

THE day of the Royal wedding will go down in history for one Wigan couple ... because they are invited!

Sgt Paul Jones, 27, has worked with Prince William in the RAF for more than a year and although the Prince expressed a wish for all his colleagues to be there on his big day when an envelope from Buckingham Palace dropped through the front door, both he and his wife Gemma were stunned.

Sgt Paul Jones with his wife Gemma, who will be guests at the Royal Wedding

Sgt Paul Jones with his wife Gemma, who will be guests at the Royal Wedding

Gemma, 27, from Lowton, said: “I was completely shocked when I opened the envelope because although Prince William had said that he wanted everyone there we didn’t know if that was just the flight crew or partners as well.

“So when I opened it and the invitation was to both of us I couldn’t believe it, it was brilliant.

“Obviously I’m really excited but it is still so surreal and it hasn’t quite sunk in even though its only a few days away.”


Paul, from Astley, joined the RAF when he was just 19 and has known Prince William for a year when the pair met while doing their search and rescue training together, before becoming part of the same flight unit based at RAF Valley on Anglesey.

He said: “I was really star struck at first because you hear Prince William’s name and you think ‘wow, this is going to be big’.

“But after meeting him you forget about his title because he is really good at putting you at ease and I soon realised that he is just a normal person.

“Having worked closely with him for more than a year now he is just one of the team. He has a great sense of humour and he is part of all the banter, he joins in with the jokes and dishes them out himself too.”

Although rubbing shoulders with the future King is just part of the job for the 27-year-old radar and winch operator, he says that being a guest at one of the biggest national occasions of recent years is one of the biggest days of his life.

He said: “When you think about the scale of how big an event this is going to be and the type of people that will be there it makes you feel really honoured and humbled. It’s an amazing thing.


“We have two children Finlay, four, and Alex, who is just one, and although Finlay knows where we are going he doesn’t quite understand the scale of it, so it’s going to be a wonderful story to tell in the future, especially if William does become the King.”

And with less than days to go the pair are just about ready for the Friday which will be watched by millions of people across the world.

Gemma has even enlisted a personal shopper to make sure everything is just right on the day.

She said: “My friend told me about a personal shopper service at the Trafford Centre, so I booked myself in there and had people bringing the clothes to me totally taking the stress out of everything.

“And I settled on a white and silver dress from Selfridges with a little black cardigan, black shoes, handbag and hat. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kate will be wearing, but I’m sure that whatever she wears she will look beautiful.

“I can’t wait now, it’s just unbelievable, I’m just little old me and all of a sudden I’m going to the Royal wedding.”

The pair have to be at Westminster Abbey for 8.30am on Friday ready for the ceremony at 11am, they will then go to Buckingham Palace for the reception before an evening meal put on for members of Prince William’s unit and their partners.