Wigan couple’s phone misery

Jim and Rose Davenport, from Beech Hill, whose cable telephone is not working, with their daughter Janet Calland
Jim and Rose Davenport, from Beech Hill, whose cable telephone is not working, with their daughter Janet Calland
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A WIGAN woman is furious after her elderly parents were left with a faulty phone connection for two months.

Jim and Rose Davenport, from Beech Hill, first had a problem with their Virgin Media landline and Internet connection in mid-December, a problem which was quickly traced to a faulty cable.

Although efforts were made to rectify the problem, work undertaken at the end of January left Mr and Mrs Davenport with no telephone connection at all, and Virgin Media said it could not send someone out to fix it until February 17.

Their daughter Janet Calland is angry that by the time the problem is fixed her parents, who both have health problems, will have had no landline for three weeks, and says they would have been unable to get help in an emergency.

Janet, 55, said: “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous how long this has gone on. My dad is 86 and on the list for cataract replacement treatment, and my mum’s 79 and she’s not particularly well either.

“My sister has sat down with my mum and explained how to use a mobile phone, but I’m not sure she really understood the concept and I’m worried that, if something happened and she had to call an ambulance, she would forget what to do in her panic.

“They thought someone was coming to look at it yesterday so they sat in all day waiting for someone who never came.

“Every time you ring the number it either says the phone is switched off or cannot be connected.”

Janet says her parents’ difficulties began when a neighbour asked to run his own system temporarily through Mr and Mrs Davenport’s cable after his own developed a fault before Christmas.

Virgin scheduled an appointment for January 14, with engineers visiting the house to try and repair the cables again on January 31, but since then the phone has not worked at all.

Janet is unhappy that her parents’ age and health concerns has not meant their case has been treated urgently, and described Virgin’s staff as unhelpful.

She said: “My sister has been really getting annoyed about this but when you ring it’s just water off a duck’s back.

“She rang up and the person on the other end asked if they had got a mobile phone, which I thought wasn’t really the point.

“There was another problem when the young workman came recently.

“He said that as there were two faults, one inside the property and one outside, this required two managers to sort out, and neither of them were in work with no-one covering them.

“You can’t even get on their website as a customer without entering all sorts of passwords, which we don’t seem to have.

“If they could just rig up a temporary line or something I would be happy with that.

“It just isn’t right that two elderly people should be left with no phone for three weeks.”

A spokesman for Virgin Media said they were currently looking into Mr and Mrs Davenport’s case.