Wigan dad pens poem to boost morale during global crisis

A dad with a passion for poetry hopes his latest prose will boost morale among Wiganers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Monday, 13th April 2020, 8:33 am
Updated Monday, 13th April 2020, 9:42 am

Mike Farrell, 38, was inspired by the global crisis and the efforts of those making a difference to write his latest poem.

It pays tribute to the “heroes” working within the NHS and encourages everyone to follow the Government’s advice to stay indoors.

Mike, who works as a teaching assistant at Nugent House School in Billinge, hopes his poem will help to lift spirits at this difficult time.

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Mike Farrell

He said: “Over the past few weeks I have put the TV on and seen all the doom and gloom and realised it’s getting serious now. We have to create a positive frame of mind within people in the community.”

The married father-of-two describes himself as being “pretty nifty with words” and said he only needed about 30 minutes to write the poem.

Mike, who lives in Platt Bridge, said: “It’s something I have always done, from being young. I thought if I can write something down which can make a tiny difference and make people be a bit more positive, then I will do it.”

He was so pleased with it, that he decided to share the poem on Facebook for his friends and family to read.

The poem was particularly important to Mike as several people close to him are involved in caring for others and he wanted to recognise them during the pandemic.

He said: “I have got one or two friends who work in the NHS. One is a paramedic and he’s really on the frontline. My mum works in a care home as well and is dealing with this.

“I wanted to show my support and get other people thinking along the same lines as well. I wanted to put the message across about staying indoors at the minute too.”

Mike's Poem

The world at war fighting something it cannnot see,

Countries on lockdown hoping one day they’ll be virus free.

We must all stick together and follow the governmental and scientific request,

Knowing that one day the world we live in will be back to its best.

Acts of great bravery from our heroes on the frontline.

Saving lives comes second nature and making sure we are all fine.

It’s now our proud NHS workers who are coming to their test,

As we sure know as a nation they are trying their courageous best.

So let’s give all our heroes a massive helping hand,

By staying at home until necessary as we all understand.

I hope this message has painted our nation’s public health picture.

Not only that, but been a truly positive scripture.

Do what you can and do what you trust,

As we all want our social liberties back and that is a must!