Wigan family's plans to create beauty one-stop shop

Emily Starkie, centre, has set up a new beauty business, joining her mum Suzanne, left, and sister Beth
Emily Starkie, centre, has set up a new beauty business, joining her mum Suzanne, left, and sister Beth

This Wigan family have grand plans to create a one-stop shop for all your beauty therapy needs.

Suzanne Starkie has run her salon in Wigan Lane for more than 30 years, taking over from her aunt Sylvia when she was just 19.

With the help of daughter Beth and their other dedicated staff, they serve clients who travel from far and wide to have their hair done and have a good catch-up.

And now a new business has been started upstairs by Suzanne’s eldest daughter Emily, called ES Beauty.

Brainbox Emily turned down the chance to study at Manchester University after her GCSEs and A-levels, choosing instead to pursue her dream of studying at a private beauty college instead.

After gaining enough experience and building a base of loyal customers, Emily is taking things up a notch by opening up in an empty space above her mum’s salon.

“My mum has had her business for a very long time, which she opened when she was 19,” said Emily, 22.

“It took off and has done really well. I’d never been interested in hairdressing, but wanted to stay in the family business. So I ended up studying beauty therapy and had loads of different thoughts about how I could bring it into the family business.

“Now we’ve ended up converting the flat space above into a beauty salon across two floors.”

She added: “I do everything - holistic beauty to nails, lashes, brows, tans, massage and facials, pedicures. A little bit of everything.

“I’m just starting up on my own because I’ve built up my clients over the years. Eventually in the next few months or so, I’m going to hire more girls who specialise in other things like make up. We basically want to do everything here.”

And while her business may be in its infancy, Emily is already thinking long-term. As well as revealing plans to introduce more vegan products into her work, Emily also said she hopes to be in business for even longer than mum!

Suzanne said: “It’s amazing, I’m really proud. I think it’s nice to have a family-run business together. I think a lot of clients like it. It’s good because people want a one-stop shop, they like to have everything done in one place. It’s good when you know everybody, it’s a more personal business. And we’ve got a ready-made clientele for Emily.”