Wigan ghost hunter's experiences are out of this world

The leader of a Wigan-based paranormal group believes his old-school approach to investigations is what sets his work apart from others.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 4:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 4:57 pm
Tony Hindley provides spooky experiences at locations up and down the country
Tony Hindley provides spooky experiences at locations up and down the country

Tony Hindley provides spooky experiences at locations up and down the country with his six-strong team of investigators.

From old theatres to creepy castles and even the archetypal haunted house, the team leave no stone unturned in their quest to engage with the afterlife.

Their investigations use traditional, old-fashioned methods to attract spirits, which he claims make for more interesting and engaging nights.

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Paranormal investigators assemble

He said: “We use dousing rods to attract spirits, and move then. We also use planchettes, which is to do with a form of writing, to allow spirits to come forward. We also use things like divination boards.”

He added: “I feel it is more personal. With the old school ways, you are more personally involved, rather than just holding a machine and seeing the temperature going up and down. I have seen an increase in more people using these traditional ways.”

Tony, 33, also spoke about how his passion for the supernatural developed.

“It goes back to when I was six,” he said.

“As I got older, my mum and dad weren’t the kind of people who said it wasn’t real, they were supportive of it as I grew up.”

When he was a teenager, Tony met a medium while working at a pizza shop, who introduced him to tarot cards and shares stories of his own paranormal experiences.

“It got stronger from there,” Tony recalled.

In 2014, he set up Supernatural Diaries,

Tony also welcomes sceptics to take part in his investigations. He said: “I think everyone has their own opinions and views on things. As a company, I allow anyone to come along and join in.

“I’m not there to change your opinion, I respect what you believe in.”

But there are a lot of misconceptions about the type of work Tony does. He said: “People on TV programmes portray what we do differently and that’s a big contender for us to deal with.

“If you expect something to happen, we can’t guarantee it. We won’t pretend something is happening, I would rather nothing happen at all than start throwing stones around.”

To find out more, follow @Psychic_Tony on Twitter.