Wigan home evacuated when DIY work leads to 999 call

Firefighters were called on Sunday afternoon
Firefighters were called on Sunday afternoon

Home improvements came to an unexpected halt when a man drilled through a gas pipe.

He was putting up cupboards in the kitchen of a terraced house on Wigan Road, Atherton, when the drill hit a gas pipe behind the plasterboard.

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Firefighters from Atherton were called at 2.20pm on Sunday to help.

Watch manager Andy Leyland said: "When we attended they had done the right thing and evacuated, but hadn't isolated the gas, so we did that.

"We ventilated the property by opening the windows and checked for any underlying gas with a gas detector."

The occupant was advised to have the pipe repaired, keep the gas supply isolated and leave windows open.

Other residents carrying out DIY were reminded to check for any hidden pipes in their own homes.

Mr Leyland said: "They weren't to know that the pipe was there, but it is a good idea to have a look behind, especially if drilling. You can't see through the walls, but maybe have a quick look at the floor to see if anything is sticking out at the bottom of it."