Wigan Infirmary hit by injury claims

Wigan Infirmary
Wigan Infirmary
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EMPLOYEES at Wigan Infirmary have claimed nearly £200,000 in compensation for injuries they received at work.

The Wigan Evening Post can exclusively reveal that in the past two years, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) has been liable for £187,435.11 in compensation to employees following accidents at work.

The figures, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information request, also showed the top-10 pay-outs in 2009/10 and 2010/11, which were topped by a £55,000 claim from a worker who injured their back when stopping a plastic pipe from falling.

Other successful claims against WWL included an £18,500 pay-out to a worker who injured their wrist loading a dishwasher, and a £7,350 sum for a back injury caused by mopping the floor.

A spokesperson for WWL said: “Compensation to employees for accidents are paid by the NHSLA (National Health Service Litigation Authority).

“The trust pays a premium each year to the NHSLA to cover any potential liabilities that may arise.

“The figure is pre-determined each year, and the trust is informed of the amount that it needs to pay to the NHSLA each financial year. This determines the amount in our budget.”

WWL pays the first £10,000 of a claim (their liability excess) with the remainder coming from the NHSLA, but if it is under £10,000, WWL has to pay the full amount of the claim.

The top 10 pay-outs in the past two years were as follows:

£55,327 – Injured back when stopping a plastic pipe from falling outside the porters office at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.

£20,600 – Slipped on a wet floor when leaving a bed bay. There were no wet floor signs.

£18,500 – Injured wrist when putting trays into a dishwasher with a faulty conveyor belt.

£16,000 – Soft tissue injury in the shoulder caused by standing on a stool to retrieve case notes from a high shelf. The files were packed tightly causing other files to fall down onto the claimant.

£9,000 – Wrist injury caused by helping a confused patient off the floor.

£7,534 – Claimant twisted their back when mopping the floor. The mop caught on a protruding screw on a sluice machine.

£6,000 – Non-specific injuries caused when claimant was alleged to have slipped on some grease whilst carrying dirty dishes to the washing up area, causing them to fall.

£5,500 – Injuries to forehead, arm and neck after claimant fell on a wet floor, where there were no wet floor signs.

£5,250 – Fractured arm caused by claimant slipping on clear liquid where there were no signs indicating a spillage or that the floor was wet.

£4,600 – Soft tissue injuries to neck and shoulders after claimant alleges they were hurt while lifting boxes of printer paper onto a high shelf.