Wigan man's plans for pub and restuarant for disabled

A Wigan man has grand ambitions to open a pub and restaurant specifically designed for disabled people.

Monday, 6th March 2017, 2:11 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:01 am
Janos Marzar, right, with his friend Paul Marsden from Wigan, who are planning to build the country's first ever bar and restaurant specifically designed for people with disabilites

Janos Marzar’s plans for the venue would provide incredible ease off access and comfort for those with disabilities, and would employ a significant proportion of disabled people as staff.

The venue will cater to different levels of disability - from wheelchair access and lower bars to two-way privacy screens for people who are self-conscious about their disabilities.

Blueprints also reveal hoist systems, first aid rooms and showers, and even space for a modified pool table and a performance stage.

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The 42-year-old from Worsley Mesnes conceived the idea after seeing the everyday struggles of disabled people.

“I saw how they were suffering,” he said. “In some places, they couldn’t go to the toilet, because it was upstairs. They couldn’t go to a pub alone because the bar is too high, and some hallways are too narrow for wheelchairs.

“I asked myself how I could make it easier for those people, and also make a business for myself.

“So my idea was a restaurant designed specifically for disabled people.”

Janos, who is originally from Hungary, added: “I want to create jobs for disabled people too, because a lot of the circumstances for them to work are not safe, so a lot have to rely on benefits instead.”

And the idea has been warmly received, Janos claimed.

“I showed the plans to disabled people and asked them to tell me any problems. The only problem they found was that it didn’t exist yet!”

Other positive responses to Janos’s idea included the belief that the venue would fulfil many a disabled person’s desire to remain as independent as possible.

He said: “One of the most terrible things for these people, is when they see in your face that you feel sorry for them.

“They don’t want that. They just want to be treated normally. I know this because my father did after he lost his legs in a train accident.

Janos struggled to find any similar concepts during his research, and said the unique idea could work wonders for the borough’s image.

“Wigan is famous for its pies and its sports teams.

“But to be the first town to do something like this, would be something else.

“It could start here and spread around the world from Wigan. I have a fire inside to get this done.”

Janos is currently earmarking suitable locations to set up the restaurant, and has had discussions with the council regarding the use of empty buildings.

Friend Paul Marsden from Worsley Mesnes, who has been confined to a wheelchair since a works accident, said: “I think this is a marvellous plan.

“I have scrutinized it closely and I can’t fault it. It would suit my every need as a disabled customer.”