Wigan motorway junction is "dangerous"

M6 junction 27
M6 junction 27
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A concerned motorist has called for action at a motorway junction in the borough due to the long tailbacks trying to get up the slip road.

Phil Bradley, from Standish, fears it is only a matter of time before there is an accident involving queuing drivers on the southbound carriageway of the M6 at junction 27.

He says he has seen several close shaves where traffic has backed all the way down the slip road and onto the inside lane of the motorway and suggests something needs to be done where motorists leave the M6 and try to get onto Crow Orchard Road.

Highways officials have now said they are looking into the issues Mr Bradley has raised, which mainly occur during the evening rush hour.

Mr Bradley said: "I would say it is like this nine times out of 10 at peak time. If you were to look at the junction from the Pepper Lane bridge then you would see a sea of red brake lights with cars backed up.

"I’ve seen cars on the carriageway and people using the hard shoulder to get out of the way. If you’re at the back you are looking in your rear view mirror and it’s scary.

"Traffic has to abruptly slow down if there are people trying to get off the motorway and sometimes there are cars straddling two lanes. I’ve also seen vehicles swerving round cars at the last minute.

"Quite a few people I work with who use the slip road say it’s dangerous. Sooner or later something is going to happen."

Transport bosses have now said work is under way to tackle the problems getting off the motorway at Standish.

A spokesperson for Highways England said: "We are working with Transport for Greater Manchester to investigate options to tackle congestion on the southbound exit slip road of the M6 at junction 27, including the possibility of installing traffic lights on the roundabout.

"We expect to be able to complete a traffic modelling study later this year and, in the meantime, we will continue to use traffic sensors on the slip road to automatically display warnings about queuing traffic on overhead electronic signs approaching the junction."

Lancashire County Council, which maintains the A-road which meets the M6 at the junction, said it was not aware of any particular problems but would monitor the traffic flow.