Wigan mum campaigns to get YouTube ‘child murder’ video banned

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A WIGAN mum is campaigning to get horrific audio footage of a child allegedly being raped and murdered taken off the internet.

Dawn Huber had been watching a documentary on YouTube about an Australian man called Peter Scully who is currently in custody in the Philippines charged with repeatedly raping and trafficking two young girls when the link to the recording came up.

Scully was arrested in February after the remains of a 12-year-old girl were found buried beneath an apartment he was renting and investigators believe he was running an international paedophile business.

Dawn says that the programme accused Scully of creating a series of disturbing videos featuring young Filipino girls being forced to dig their own graves and carry out sexual acts.

Other videos featured babies being raped and killed.

To her horror, after watching the documentary, Dawn found underneath a link to a video which the Evening Post is not naming, containing ‘real’ audio.

She said: “I clicked on it because I wanted to see what it was. It started with someone talking in Spanish and then after a while the screen cut to some coloured lines.

“The audio was of a baby crying. it was really heartbreaking. I didn’t want to watch it until the end but I knew I wanted to try and get it taken down so I thought I had to. It really upset me.”

The video, which carries the warning “The video is only informative, it doesn’t want to glorify violence. It is advisable avoid watching the video for the most sensitive people,” is only one minute and 40 seconds long.

Dawn, who is from Beech Hill but now lives in Manchester, immediately contacted the man who had posted the video asking him to take it down and reported the video to YouTube.

But not only did the man refuse to take it down, but she also received no reply from the administrators at YouTube despite reporting the video on several occasions.

“I was appalled. I thought I am not letting this go and just kept commenting on the video telling the man to take it down,” said Dawn, 47.

“This is about dignity for that poor child. I wanted this little girl to have some dignity now she was dead.

“He eventually commented back saying he ‘wanted to cut me slowly at the neck’ but then he must have got scared because he did remove.

“A few days later through I found he had just re-posted it on a different section.”

Dawn claims the man said he had posted the video for shock value but she believes there is a more sinister reason.

“I just can’t bear the thought of why people would want to watch this,” she added.