Wigan mum's lightbulb moment ends in healthy new life

Kath Madani had a lightbulb moment when she was packing for a holiday and realised she couldn't get into any of her clothes.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 10:51 am
Updated Friday, 9th March 2018, 12:40 pm
Kath Madani before and after her weight loss

She had planned the family break to get over the death of her father, but realised she was going have to change the way she lived and lose weight or buy a whole new wardrobe.

Other news: Cancer survivor Edwina's mission to help other sufferersLuckily the 60-year-old nurse chose the former and managed to lose a stone in time for the trip - even returning with a further weight loss.

She has been so inspired by her experience she is now working with her son Michael to introduce healthy foods at his restaurant - the Olive Garden in Standish.

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Kath, of Primrose Lane, Standish, now runs three meetings for Weight Watchers including the meeting she previously attended and is thrilled to have reached goal weight.

Kath said: “I’ve always had a weight problem and tried numerous diets over the years.

“With an underactive thyroid it was always a struggle. I would lose weight but then put it all back on again and avoided having my photograph taken because I never liked what I saw.”

Kath’s priority had been caring for her elderly father and admits that the stress would often lead to overeating causing her weight to spiral out of control. When her father passed away in early 2016 following a period in hospital her grief led to comfort eating of chocolate, cakes and takeaways, until she realised things had to change.

She said: “We had booked a holiday and I couldn’t get into any of my clothes. So I had a choice, buy bigger clothes or lose the weight. Well it was a no brainer really.”

Joining in August 2016 weighing 11st 10lb Kath says setting small goals was key.

“I was a dress size less with a 14lb loss and didn’t let my foot off the gas. I lost three pounds on my holiday and had what I wanted to eat and drink. It was just about eating smarter and doing more activity.”

In February 2017 Kath applied to be a Weight Watchers coach achieving the ‘double’ of goal weight and passing her final assessment in May 2017.

From a size 16 to a size 10 and now weighing just over nine stones Kath added: “I am absolutely thrilled to have reached the weight I set out to achieve and I’ve never felt better. I’m loving being a coach sharing in the success from my members.”

In January this year Kath retired from nursing and opened a new class at Standish High School, the first meeting in Standish for many years.

It was during this that members were discussing how behaviour changes can pass to others around them known as “The Ripple Effect”.

Kath added “Since I’ve changed my lifestyle, my family have also benefited and I decided to talk my son Michael about putting healthier meal choices on the menu. We all enjoy going out for meals with family and friends, but we should also have the option to make healthier choices and we came up with a plan, to add healthy meals to the menu.”