Wigan named third most spooky town in country

Spooky Wigan
Spooky Wigan

WIGAN is the third most likely place for weird and spooky goings-on in the country.

Research conducted by estate agents Rightmove discovered 17 per cent of the town’s population had reported seeing strange lights in the sky.

Wigan is thought to have existed from the year 1246, so this town is filled with so much history – especially when it comes to ghostly sightings

Eamonn Vann-Harris

It also came in the top five for both UFO and ghost sightings.

And expert and TV’s Most Haunted’s Electronic Voice Phenomena specialist (EVP) Eamonn Vann-Harris from Standish isn’t at all surprised.

The former Shevington High School pupil said: “The borough is steeped in history of legendary ghost stories.

“What we have to remember is Wigan was a mediaeval market town which was originally built on the Roman settlement of “Coccium” which was established where Wigan currently lies.

“Wigan is thought to have existed from the year 1246, so this town is filled with so much history especially when it comes to ghostly sightings which have been reported for hundreds of years.

“So taking into consideration the long history Wigan has, the fact that at one point it was a popular mining town which again led to lives being lost in the pits, just goes to show how much activity, death, and history has happened here.”

Wigan came behind only Torquay and Stoke-on-Trent for supernatural happenings and behind Falkirk and Bexley for UFO spotting.

Two locations in the borough which are notorious for sightings are Haigh Hall and Trencherfield Mill.

Eamonn added: “Over the years I have heard stories from people that have worked at Haigh Hall and have reported some very strange incidents.

“It has attracted many reports of poltergeist activity, tricks being played on staff members, phantom voices, and people being shoved. And there are also legendary stories about the top floor which had been sealed off for many years.

“The grounds of the hall have also been the source of sightings where visitors have reported physical manifestations taking place in front of them.

“Other locations around Wigan recur as places for supernatural incidents including a number of pubs, or Rectory Lane which is a stretch of road where the Standish Rectory once stood.

“The site is now home to the Owls restaurant and is quite a hot spot for ghostly sightings.

“Some believe that it is the spirit of former Rector Charles Hutton who haunts the area, and many have reported manifestations of a stranger walking then disappearing into thin air.

“Wigan seems to be a hotbed of activity, many instances can be explained by logical means, and some stories and sightings we just can’t find a reasonable explanation for.”

Trencherfield Mill will soon be investigated by ITS Paranormal UK, which runs ghost hunts across the UK.

Carol Winstanley and husband Neil are part of the paranormal team in the region.

And the spook-hunting pair from Orrell and now looking for other willing candidates to join them on their journey.

Carol, 44, said: “We always welcome people to come with us on the tours. Wigan is one of the best, most spookiest places to hunt.

“Throughout the borough we have come into contact with all kinds of spirit activity.

“We have had sightings of the spirits of people and animals, heard noises and been pushed. It’s an amazing place for spooky activity.”