Wigan pensioner fined for parking outside his home

A disabled man has hit out at attendants who fined him for parking outside his own home where works have led to a shortage of spaces.
Alan Dalgliesh outside Douglas HouseAlan Dalgliesh outside Douglas House
Alan Dalgliesh outside Douglas House

Alan Dalgliesh, 68, lives at Douglas House,Scholes, which is currently undergoing amajor refurbishment.

The retired taxi-driver said that due to construction workers parked at the site, “around half” of the car park is now unavailable for residents, leaving many scratching around for alternative spots.

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After parking on a “hatched” area of the car park, Alan returned to his vehicle to find a £55 fine from private company Spring Parking, which increases to £95 if left unpaid for a month.

“Ten years ago I had a massive heart attack,” said Alan. “I had to have five heart bypasses, which left me disabled. I can’t walk further than the length of two buses without getting out of breath.

"For the first couple of weeks when they blocked off the car park it seemed you could park wherever. I need to park as close to my home as I possibly can.

“On this particular night I couldn’t find anywhere usual to park. Where I did leave my car was a hatched area but it wasn’t causing any obstruction. I always put my blue badge in the window if I’m not parking in a bay.”

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Anxious about where to park in the future, Alan contacted Wigan Council about his fine but was told that it is a private company and nothing to do with them.

He said: “Someone is making a lot of money off this. When the contractors blocked off half the car park, they said it was for their equipment. They have to put it somewhere I agree with that but it meant half the car park wasn’t being used and the residents here hadn’t many options to park elsewhere.

“I haven’t paid the fine yet and I don’t intend to. If they want to take me to court then it will cost me a lot more but that’s not the point. Apparently the attendants work on a commission-only basis, so I guess that says it all.”

A council spokesman said: “Due to issues regarding unauthorised parking all high rise parking areas are now patrolled by a private parking company. This was introduced after full consultation with residents of the high rise blocks and the vast majority voted for the implementation.

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“Each resident is given a permit to display as part of the scheme to make the parking system as fair as possible. Due to the circumstances of this case if the resident contacts us we will look into the matter for him.”