Wigan pensioner sent note littered with swear words

The note with the swear words removed
The note with the swear words removed

A Wigan pensioner was “horrified” to receive an abusive letter suspected to be from a parent at a nearby school.

The 80-year-old woman, who the Post has agreed not to name, does not drive or own a car.

Beeford Drive, Orrell

Beeford Drive, Orrell

But she was sent a handwritten note amid parking problems, with parents’ cars blocking an access road on Beeford Drive, near Orrell Holgate Primary School.

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It is thought the letter was sent to the wrong address, but was a real shock when the elderly woman read it.

Rubbing salt into the wound, the letter was delivered via Royal Mail but because it did not have enough postage, her son had to pay £1.50 to collect it.

His brother told the Post: “Originally my mum didn’t open the letter because she thought it was for my brother. When he opened it, she was horrified by it.

“It’s not pleasant, especially when they have not signed it and we don’t know where it’s come from.

“She has never had an issue with anyone in her life.”

The letter was sent to the woman’s house in the post and includes offensive language.

It says she will not be able to stop anyone parking in the area, tells her to get a job and even suggests she sells her house.

Her son said: “Whoever sent the letter is advising her to move house. She has lived there for years and never had trouble with anyone.

“I have contacted the school about this.”

The man said there had been parking problems in the area for some time.

On occasions he has had to wait for 40 minutes to leave his mother’s home due to parents from the school parking across the access road.

He said he often has to ask them to move their vehicles so he can get out.

A letter has previously been sent to parents by the school, which he believes was triggered by complaints from several residents.

The man said: “The parents need to give some consideration to people who live in that area. They have lived there for a long time and that’s the access point. It’s not a parking space and never has been.

“I think they need to show consideration for people coming and going. I have young children and sometimes we need to go places and we are getting blocked in.

“A little bit of consideration goes a long way.”

As well as reporting the issue to the school, the man has sent a copy of the letter to the police.

In a letter sent to parents yesterday, Gail Worrall, headteacher at Orrell Holgate Primary School, said: “We are presuming this came from the parent of a child at Holgate.

"The recipient of the letter was understandably very shaken and upset and does not even own a car. I have reported the letter to the police who are investigating the matter with urgency as it is an offence to send an indecent, offensive or threatening letter.

“Holgate pupils deal with difficulties and conflicts with self-control, kindness and thoughtfulness. This letter does not represent them, our school or our community.”

She urged parents not to block properties when parking their cars.