Wigan Pier Nightspot finally comes down

IT’S been a long time coming but Wigan Pier Nightspot is no more: over a year since its demolition began.

As Council bosses showed off their plans for their new Pier Quarter on January 6, it marked exactly 12 months since they announced plans for the derelict club to be torn down.

Site of the former Wigan Pier nightclub, which was demolished over the weekend

Site of the former Wigan Pier nightclub, which was demolished over the weekend

However, a process that was expected to have taken a matter of months was hit by a number of issues and lengthy delays.

After months of interior demolition, bulldozers finally moved in towards the end of last year to bring down the outer structure.

And over the weekend the remnants of the brickwork were brought to the ground, removing what once stood as one of the town’s most popular nightclubs.

While no longer there in physical form, memories for those who attended will remain.

In its latter days, the Nightspot’s reputation wasn’t what it once was but for many years it became a hub for dance music with revellers attending from miles around.

Tracks were produced and first played at the Pier that went on to play in some of the world’s biggest clubs.

There was great sadness when the club’s doors shut for the final time in 2011 before it was eventually purchased by Wigan Council, who have sinced announced grand plans for the whole area including a community garden and restaurants.

Coun David Molyneux, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “The demolition of the Pier Nightclub brings to an end one chapter for Wigan Pier but heralds the beginning of a new exciting chapter for this iconic site.

“Instead of looking back we are very much looking to the future and aiming to build a new Wigan Pier Quarter which is an asset for the town and relevant to a new generation.

“The partnership agreement we’ve secured with the Canal and River Trust and H20 Urban will attract investment and development and will ensure Wigan Pier has a bright future.”

The next stage for the Wigan Pier Quarter will be landscaping work for the new community garden on the site of the nightclub and a new public car park at Trencherfield Mill.