Wigan plane crash fear

The plane looked to be heading for the grounds of Haigh Hall, but no wreckage was found
The plane looked to be heading for the grounds of Haigh Hall, but no wreckage was found

EMERGENCY services were scrambled after fears that a low flying aeroplane was about to crash in Wigan.

A 999 call was made from a Gidlow resident after the light aircraft was seen very low in the sky coming over the tops of houses with smoke pouring out of its front.

The flight path was taking it north and it was thought that if the plane was stricken that it might try to make an emergency landing at Haigh Country Park.

Many other residents also saw the plane and one speaking to the Wigan Evening Post this morning said that she had heard rumours that it had crash-landed in the park’s windmill field.

But police say that they could find no trace of the aircraft after Wednesday evening’s emergency.

A spokesman said: “We took a call at 6.46pm from a member of the public living in Gidlow Lane who said that a light aircraft had come over houses quite low with smoke coming out of the front.

“Police went to Haigh Hall because that was in its flight path but could not see anything. The National Police Air Service also conducted a full aerial search up to Bolton and could find no evidence of a crash either.

“The call was well intentioned though.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were on standby after receiving reports of an aircraft in distress.

“We sent a fire engine to follow its flight path and there was a theory that it might have come down on the Haigh Hall estate, but this proved not to be the case.

“Checks were made with air traffic control and local airports and aerodromes but no planes had been reported missing.”

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