Wigan police rescue woman with hypothermia who was stuck in mud-filled gully

Tess Shaw with Sgt Bibby
Tess Shaw with Sgt Bibby

A woman went into hypothermia after falling into a watery mud-filled gully at the weekend.

Tess Shaw went missing on Saturday after walking at Worthington Lakes, Standish, Wigan.

She immediately became a high risk missing person, and a search was begun.

Members of GMP Wigan's "C relief" team began a search which resulted in the force helicopter being contacted.

With the aid of the helicopter Tess was located in a field having fallen into a water and mud filled gully.

Having located Tess, officers rendered first aid to help Tess to keep warm while they organised her recovery from the scene.

Along with the mountain rescue team and paramedics, Tess was recovered from the field and taken to hospital with mild hypothermia.

Having thankfully recovered well Tess attended Wigan police station today to thank the team for finding her and keeping her safe.

Sgt Bibby from C relief was glad to see Tess had recovered well and that she was back to her old smiling self.