Wigan resident’s anger over pallets left on community site

John Baldwin on the land which is being used for pallet storage
John Baldwin on the land which is being used for pallet storage

A Wigan resident has voiced his frustration with a local business which he claims is blocking green space which could be used by the public.

John Baldwin, from Whelley, says a local building supplies firm is using a small chunk of land in Walnut Avenue - which it does not own - to store supplies such as wooden pallets.

Mr Baldwin says the area could be of great use to local children to play on, particularly with summer around the corner.

But he argues that this would not be practical unless the business stops claiming the land for its own.

“He (the business owner) is constantly trying to put paletts down,” said John.

“The firm has been trying to block it off and make it clear that they own it.”

The frustrated 53-year-old added: “It’s for children, not for them. There’s a big piece of land at the back of the building where they can put this stuff instead.

“It’s a little, busy street, and there are youngsters playing in the road. Why should they do that when there’s nice green grass right there?”

John said he had contacted the council and MP Lisa Nandy’s office over the issue.

“There’s funding available for things like picnic tables. There could be a picnic terrace there for the kids, there’s that many of them around here,” John added.

“The more people know it’s not their land, the better. Otherwise they won’t question it.”

Penny McGinty, assistant director for corporate contracts and assets at Wigan Council, said: “We are aware of this issue and an investigation is now underway.

“We will follow up all leads and ensure this matter is dealt with appropriately.”

Attempts were made to contact the company but were unsuccessful.