Wigan’s roads are some of the best in the country

Wigan's roads are amongst some of the best in the country
Wigan's roads are amongst some of the best in the country
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Wigan’s roads have deemed among the best in the country for the past decade, Government figures have revealed.

Statistics, which may surprise some beleaguered drivers, recently published by the Department for Transport (DfT) rate the percentage of roads in each local authority which are in need of repair.

Only three per cent of the borough’s roads managed by Wigan Council in 2016/17 are in need of repair, way ahead of the national average of 17 per cent and putting the town hall in the top three local authorities in the country.

Mark Tilley, assistant director for infrastructure and regulatory services at Wigan Council, said: “Over the years we have put a lot of hard work into maintaining the borough’s roads and this is still a priority for us.

“We are really pleased that all of the hard work by our dedicated officers has paid off and is contributing to enjoyable journeys across our borough’s roads for residents and visitors.”

Despite residents previous concerns over the roads, Wigan has been leading the table for the past 10 years, with no more than five per cent of its roads needing repair at any one time.

Just 12 months ago, residents and politicians were calling for the council to fix the roads which were believed to be a danger to cyclists and motorists.

In April 2016, the DfT awarded the borough £195,000 to fix a swell of a potholes which had cropped up due to wear and tear. On top of this,the town hall invested £3.2 million last year to improve the borough’s highways.

The cash, which was awarded in 2016 as part of the Pothole Action Fund, is enough to fix 3,679 - hundreds of which have now been repaired.

Ahead of the grant, Bolton West MP Chris Green, whose constituency includes parts of Atherton, said that he would fight to ensure that the outskirts of the borough would get its “fair share” of the money.

The council said that it carried out 54 resurfacing and treatment schemes on roads in 2015/16 with the purpose of preventing potholes from emerging in the first place.