Wigan’s slowest road revealed

Slow road to ... Wigan
Slow road to ... Wigan

WIGAN’S worst road for rush hour traffic has been revealed.

Spare a thought for those who regularly have to travel in either direction along the A577 through Wigan to Atherton after figures from the Department for Transport showed it to be the slowest road in the borough.

Improving the connectivity of Wigan Borough continues to be at the top of our list of priorities - recognised by the number of major transport improvements we’re working on

Kevin Hargreaves

Vehicles going westwards towards Atherton can expect to travel at an average of just 16.3 mph, while for those heading eastwards into Wigan will travel at 16.5 mph during rush hour.

Other bad roads in the borough include the A5209 eastbound, 16.9mph, the A578 northbound, 17.5mph and the A572 eastbound, 17.6mph.

Kevin Hargreaves, traffic manager at Wigan Council, said: “Wigan borough is ranked the second best performer in terms of average speed and average time to drive a mile in Greater Manchester, which is great news for local residents and businesses.

“The latest figures are in line with typical traffic growth nationally.

“Improving the connectivity of Wigan Borough continues to be at the top of our list of priorities - recognised by the number of major transport improvements we’re working on.

“These include the M58 link road connecting the M58/M6 at junction 26, the A49 link road from Goose Green to Westwood, a new connection between Leigh Road and Atherleigh Way alongside improvements in the north of Leigh and south of Hindley.

“These major east-west connections will assist traffic movements across the borough, offering particular relief to the A577 corridor and the A578.”

The plans to build a new road running across Amberswood Common to Liverpool Road, which would connect to the link road between Phoenix Way and Seaman Way in Ince, will hopefully ease congestion in the area.

But Hindley Coun Jim Ellis (Wigan Independent Network) does not think this will solve residents traffic woes and has called for a rethink of the plans.

He said: “It is no surprise that this is Wigan’s slowest road and the planned new road will not help because it will join the A577 at its existing pinch points.

“It will mean more heavy goods vehicles travelling from the M6 through Hindley and up Liverpool Road to get to the M61.

“Not only that but it will be very destructive on open land which is used by a number of people.”

The National Department for Transport also revealed that average speeds for A roads in the North West had fallen on average by 3.3 per cent since June 2014.

A roads across England are also getting slower as average speeds during rush hour fell from 24.4 mph to 23.8mph.

All of the roads in the top 10 of slowest commutes in England, unsurprisingly, came from Greater London, with the slowest road being the A407 westbound in Barnet with average

speeds of 2.8 mph - slower than the average walking pace.

Congestion on locally managed A roads was measured by estimating the average speed

achieved by vehicles during the weekday morning peak from 7am to 10am.

The A road with the quickest average speed in Lancashire is the A565 westbound connecting

Liverpool to Tarleton where morning commuters clock in with an average speed of 45.4 mph.