Wigan set for faster net speed

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CUSTOMERS of BT in Wigan are set to receive quicker broadband service.

BT Openreach has announced 178 locations set to receive a new fibre broadband upgrade.

Over the last 18 months, the broadband provider has been undertaking a phased rollout of super-fast broadband across the UK.

The firm has now released a list of the telephone exchanges to be equipped with fibre during the of the ongoing rollout.

And Wigan has been named as one of the locations with homes and businesses gaining access to increased broadband speeds.

Olivia Garfield, CEO of BT Openreach, said the firm continues to make “tremendous strides” forward with its fibre programme. Super-fast broadband is already within reach of more than six million premises and we are on track to pass ten million premises next year,” she stated.

“We will make fibre available to two-thirds of UK premises by the end of 2014 and we want to go even further.

“It is important that as many premises as possible have access to fibre and so we will bid for the BDUK funds that are available.”

The latest upgrades will enable customers to gain access to 40Mb fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband services, and 100Mb fibre-to-the-premises services.

Faster download speeds are available with the latter because a fibre link - rather than copper - is used between the household and the local BT street cabinet.

This allows data to be transferred at faster speeds between the local telephone exchange and the end user, via a street cabinet.

Ms Garfield also claimed that BT Openreach’s experience in deploying fibre networks at scale - and the fact that wholesale customers can use the infrastructure - makes the firm the “ideal partner” for local and regional broadband initiatives.

A total of £530m has been distributed between local authorities across the UK to bring high-speed broadband services to rural parts of the country.