Wigan shoppers permitted to use pub car park once again

Dominic Griffiths, new manager at The Stag Inn pub, Orrell in the car park which now has new parking charges
Dominic Griffiths, new manager at The Stag Inn pub, Orrell in the car park which now has new parking charges

A new pub boss is encouraging drivers to use his car park after changing an unpopular parking system.

Orrell residents were dismayed to discover signs erected in the car park at The Stag Inn in April saying it was for customers only.

It had previously been used by people visiting businesses in the area, due to limited parking around Orrell Post, and there were concerns about the impact it would have.

But just weeks after starting work as general manager, Dominic Griffiths has changed the parking policy.

While customers can still park for free, it is now a short-stay pay-and-display car park for other motorists.

Mr Griffiths said he made the change after discovering how upset people were about not being able to use the car park to visit Orrell.

He said: “From what I know, I think a lot of people were using it because we are on a big commuter belt to car share and jump on the motorway, so the car park was full but the pub was empty.

“That’s why it was originally put in, but the residents who were parking to use the shops locally couldn’t park.”

Drivers can now park at the pub for a fee of £1 for up to an hour, £2 for two hours and £7 for up to 24 hours.

Mr Griffiths, who started working at the pub seven weeks ago, said business owners in the area were “happy as Larry” about the change.

He said: “It helps them out a lot because I imagine they would have lost trade because there is nowhere else for them to park.”

Orrell councillor Michael Winstanley, who last year urged the pub to reconsider its car parking system, welcomed the change.

But he questioned the charges and whether people would be willing to pay £1 to pop into a shop for 10 minutes.

He said: “I think it’s a move in the right direction, but I think the initial charge for the first hour is slightly steep and I’m not sure how much that would encourage people to shop in local businesses.

"I hope it’s something they will reflect on and review in the near future.”

In response, Mr Griffiths highlighted the change meant there was now somewhere to park in Orrell, whereas there had been nowhere before.