Wigan tot takes huge step forward in cancer battle

A Wigan tot who has been fighting an aggressive form of cancer since last year is starting to win his battle, his thrilled parents have revealed.

By Rachel Howarth
Monday, 4th February 2019, 2:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:31 pm
Theo Hamilton
Theo Hamilton

Theo Hamilton, who turned four last week is in remission - although he still faces a gruelling three years of chemotherapy until he will be all clear.

The Up Holland youngster who has spent a large part of the past four months receiving treatment in Manchester - was given the news as a perfect birthday present.

Despite once being a “happy and healthy” young boy, Theo fell ill quickly during the summer holidays and was diagnosed in September after his mum took him to the hospital suspecting meningitis.

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Parents Katt and Loz say that the news “gives them options” for Theo’s future treatment but means that he is unlikely to need a bone marrow transplant to recover.

The hopeful mum-of-three added: “These results mean his body is fighting back and renewing its cells to good ones. His scan showed that the leukaemia was exactly where they expected

it to be. He isn’t cured, he’s far from it but it’s below the level it should be at this stage

“To say the least I cried. I’m over the moon. If this is how moving to the next stage feels, bring on three years: being cured

“His body is responding to treatment this time, it’s fighting back. And that is all that matters, not the battle we face or where we spent his birthday. He is one amazing little hero.”

Theo was due to begin another eight-week session of chemotherapy last Monday, on his birthday, but unfortunately his immune system hit rock-bottom as a result of the treatment. As a result, the family had wait several more days until the intensive course can begin.

The youngster, who was attending St Thomas the Martyr Primary School before he fell ill, has been diagnosed with neuropenia - meaning that his body is not making enough neurophils (a type of white blood cell which fights bacteria and yeast).

Because of this, he is unable to socialise in large groups or go into crowds in case he picks up an infection and must be closely monitored.

But this didn’t stop Theo from enjoying his fourth birthday with some school friends and even a guest appearance from his favourite superhero, Spiderman.

The party took place in the hall of Theo’s school, who Katt says have shown “overwhelming” support for the family throughout their difficult journey.

Katt added: “I want to say a massive thank you to the school for allowing us to use the hall and Miss Deary and Mrs.Glover for coming to help. You are both worth your weight in gold.

“St Thomas The Martyr Primary School is by far the best, going above and beyond for Theo and all its pupils.”