Wigan tower block residents hit out at security and maintenance

Residents in a Wigan tower block have hit out at the council over serious security issues and a lack of maintenance in the building.

Thursday, 30th August 2018, 3:28 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th August 2018, 4:31 pm
Jackie Prescott and Andy Hall, residents of Brook House flats, are unhappy with the maintenance and security

Brook House, in Scholes, has a broken door and intercom system allowing people to sleep in the stairwells at night, those living there say.

Drug paraphernalia has been found in corridors and landings are filthy and in near-darkness because of a lack of working lightbulbs, it has also been claimed.

Residents also say there has been no caretaker in the building since May.

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Wigan Council recognised there was a list of jobs to do at the Warrington Lane flats, but said repairs were scheduled to take place and the building would be receiving extra spruce-ups as well.

However, those with flats there are extremely unhappy as they say they have been paying a weekly service charge with no work being done for some time.

Andy Hall, who lives in Brook House, said: “We’re all going mad about it. The main door doesn’t work, the intercom doesn’t work. It has been like that for about five weeks.

“We’ve got anybody and everybody coming into the building. People are sleeping rough in the stairwells.

“We’ve been finding needles and urine in the stairways. We’re supposed to have a caretaker, but there hasn’t been one here since the last one left in May.

“The landings are filthy. Half of the bulbs are out. I reported about one-and-a-half weeks ago that the fifth level was in darkness, and it’s still in darkness now.

“All residents have to pay a service charge and basically we just feel that Brook House is being let down.

“Other blocks seem to be getting everything and we don’t seem to be getting anything at all. We’ve reported these things to Wigan Council but nothing seems to be done.”

The town hall has said it is aware of the maintenance issues in Brook House and askedfor residents to bear with the housing department.

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the various reports residents have made to the caretaker and many of the repairs are already scheduled take place.

“We have also arranged for additional cleaning hours in order to help keep all communal areas tidy. We thank residents for their patience while repairs are carried out and will keep them informed.”