Wigan woman are best bra none!

Make sure you have the correct-fitting bra, says Debenhams
Make sure you have the correct-fitting bra, says Debenhams

WIGAN has more front that Blackpool pleasure beach as the borough’s women prove the bustiest in the country.

A year-long survey of bra buyers revealed that the town’s women have the biggest average boob size: a massive 36F, beating Liverpool’s babes who reach 34E.

And the stats show a North/South divide (or cleavage?) with Portsmouth at the bottom of the league, supporting an average of 34A.

It also highlights how women’s boobs are getting bigger, with the average bra size going up from 34C in 2011, to a much fuller 34D.

Wigan’s more well-known females certainly do put up a good front.

Ashton-born actress Kym Marsh opted to enlarge her breasts from 32B to 32D back in 2009 and glamour model Louise Glover from Haydock is not afraid to show off her large 36F cups either.

Louise has been named Playboy Model of the Year and has appeared in lads mags and been at the centre of many tabloid page threes.

The news follows research by Debenhams which shows 63 per cent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. As a result, the department store has launched its 2014 bra fit campaign, encouraging women to go into their nearest store for a complimentary measuring service.

Sharon Webb, head of Debenhams lingerie said; “No matter how busty you are – our bra fit campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of wearing the correct size bra and encourage women in Wigan to be fitted regularly. As breast size can fluctuate due to a number of factors we recommend getting fitted every six months to ensure women are always wearing the correct size.”

The research also shows that only 21 per cent of women have been fitted for a bra in the last two years and an alarming 37 per cent have never been measured. The retailer sells on average 10,000 bras per week which means around 6,000 are being bought in the incorrect size.

Debenhams has identified the five signs for spotting an incorrect fitting bra:

Centre of bra should always sit flat against the chest;

Wires should fully encompass your bust and sit around the breast – not on it

Bust should be fully contained within the cups;

Make sure you have enough space to fit two fingers underneath back strap - the hook and eye should be fastened on the middle hook and eye;

Marks on the skin caused by over tightening straps. This probably means you need a new bra;

The retailer has also highlighted the top five side-effects of wearing the incorrect bra size can include:

Headaches - If your bra is too tight, it causes tension on your shoulders, neck and back and that in turn can cause headaches;

Saggy boobs - a bra that is the wrong size can cause the ligaments to stretch, which can ultimately result in saggy boobs;

Back pain - caused by not enough support;

Bulging boobs - You know when your bra is too tight and your boobs start to bulge out over the top creating the four boob effect;

Back bulge - Another telltale sign of a tight bra is bulging back fat. In some cases when a bra is too tight it can also cause stomach bulge.