Wigan youngster Oliver spent pocket money on food and a blanket for homeless man

A kind-hearted young Wiganer showed the true spirit of the season by spending his pocket money on food and a blanket for a homeless man.

Monday, 24th December 2018, 11:03 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:06 pm
Oliver Sammons with the homeless person he bought food and a blanket for outside Asda

Generous Oliver Sammons spotted the rough sleeper outside the Asda superstore at Robin Park and was so moved he knew immediately he had to help.

The Swinley nine-year-old had gone to the supermarket with mum Emma to buy a wrestling magazine with the £6 pocket money he was given for doing a few jobs by his grandma.

But he instantly abandoned that idea to bring a bit of festive cheer for someone without a roof over their head by picking up something to keep them warm and some of his favourite foods.

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Oliver, who goes to Woodfield Primary School, didn’t tell Emma what he was doing and stunned her with his selflessness when he returned from his dash round the store.

And Wiganers have been equally moved and impressed once Emma shared the heartwarming tale on Facebook.

Emma, 36, said: “When we walked into Asda we passed this guy and Oliver said; ‘Mum, I’ll find you in 10 minutes’.

“When he came back he had a blanket, water, cookies, crisps and sweets. I asked him who they were for and he said the homeless man. I choked up and told him how thoughtful he was.

“Oliver went over and told him:‘I’ve bought you these things in case you don’t get any more Christmas presents.’ He was made up.

“He told me he bought the blanket because he thought the man would be cold and the food because when it has been a hard day at school those things cheer him up and he hoped it would cheer the man up too.

“Oliver showed all the morals you wish to instil in your child.

“It shows the Christmas spirit of giving not receiving. The other thing it highlights is the impact of homelessness in the borough, which I think is rising because you see it a lot now.

“Oliver is aware of homelessness and understands why someone can end up losing their home because I’ve spoken to him about it.”

The man who Oliver helped was also happy to pose for a picture beside his helper.

When Emma put the tale on social media it immediately struck a chord with dozens of Wiganers who queued up to share and like her post as well as heap praise on Oliver.

Gina Melissa Borland wrote: “This made me tear up. You may not realise it yet Oliver, but men like you change the world.”

Darren Brown said: “That is some lad you have there Emma. He is going to be a future leader. The fact he thought of it himself shows the true spirit of Xmas and goodwill is alive and well.

“Bless you Oliver and bless the chap in the photo. Hope he finds hope and strength on these cold nights.”

Oliver has previously bought items for those living on the streets and has also done the Greater Manchester Children’s Run to help young cancer battlers.

He has also helped Emma in several fund-raising efforts for local causes and campaigns.

Oliver’s latest act of kindness also drew praise from the top office at his school.

Woodfield Primary School headteacher Anna Prior said: “We’re so proud of Oliver. It’s so wonderful when our children think of others and their needs at Christmas and throughout the year.”