Wiganer accused of 45 sex offences

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A WIGAN man carried out dozens of sex attacks, including rapes, on 10 schoolgirls, a court heard.

The allegations against Ronald Bain, 62, span a 25-year period, and involve children aged between six and 16 years.

Bain, of Smithwood Avenue, Hindley, on trial at Liverpool Crown Court, denies a total of 45 sex offences beginning in 1985 and continuing until last year.

The first alleged victim to give evidence told how Bain first began his behaviour by touching her legs when she sat on his knee, when she was about eight.

This developed into touching her indecently under her clothing.

And when she was 12, she remembered lying on his bed with him on top of her “like a dead weight”.

In her video-recorded interview with police in February, the victim, then a virgin, said Bain had sexual intercourse with her. “I was shell-shocked, frozen,” she said.

It hurt her and on a pain scale of 10, it was “seven or eight” she said.

She dealt with her ordeal by keeping it to herself, but late last year, she found out that he had also sexually abused her older sister, and their younger sister then confided that she, too, had been his victim, she said.

She had initially told a friend about it last year, but did not feel strong enough to do anything about it but then “it seemed everywhere I turned he was there, he was in my face, waving”.

“He was always driving around with young girls, and his house was always full, so I thought it has to be stopped.

“I found out my older sister had had a go at him when she saw him in his car with a little girl. She told him, ‘you days are numbered’ and he replied, “I know.”

Immediately afterwards, at Christmas, Bain fled to Ireland, she said.

Simon Christie, prosecuting, told the court the allegations against the other victims involved sexual touching and the rape of a 16-year-old girl.

Two of the victims are a mother and daughter, some are friends, but others did not know the others, he claimed.

When questioned, Bain said: “These things never happened”.

He admitted having sex with the 16-year-old, but said she was so desperate for cash she was prepared to have consensual intercourse.

Bain, who hails from Northern Ireland, denies six charges of rape against two girls, 38 of indecent assault, and one of sexual activity.

The case is expected to last at least a month.