Wiganer baffled by UFO

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WHAT is this strange UFO hovering above Wigan?

Derek Holden, 70, of Newtown, was about to go to bed when he noticed the glowing object in the skies above the town - perfectly still for more than an hour.

Grabbing his video camera, Mr Holden filmed the strange object and took a number of pictures as proof of his close encounter.

Dismissing outright it was a plane, police helicopter or Chinese lantern, he is intrigued about the sighting and wants to know if any readers spotted the same light around 1am on Monday and also at the same time on Thursday.

He said: “We were just going to bed and I went upstairs to draw the curtains.

“I noticed a very bright light over the flats opposite us in a north eastern direction, towards the town centre.

“I think it must have been 200 feet above the flats.

“It was not moving at all and was there for about one hour and 20 minutes.

“I watched it for the whole time and videoed it. It is a mystery and I wonder if anyone else saw it.

“It is stange it was there for two nights.

“I showed my wife and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I just can’t explain it but it was definitely not a conventional aircraft or a police helicopter as they would not stay totally still for more than an hour like that.

“And I saw a plane fly to the left of it and this was much bigger.

“I have always been interested in UFOs since I was a child and I believe there is some form of alien life out there.”