Wiganers lose less than most

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WIGAN folk are among the least reckless gamblers in the country according to new research.

Latest data released by CastleCasino.com reveals just how much money is squandered – or won – in the country’s top 50 towns and cities.

The amount of money won or lost by each user has been put into an average and Wiganers’ caution to avoid gambling altogether appears to have been rewarded.

Unsurprisingly, no area has come out with an average profit.

But Wigan is one of the “least worst,” coming 11th nationally with punters losing on average £186.53.

The company has revealed their top profit-maker from the town to have raked in £4,800 exactly. However, another Wigan-based player has suffered a £1,700 loss.

Ipswich tops the table with an average loss of £147.93, a stark contrast to Wigan’s North West neighbour Liverpool whose citizens lose on average an eye-watering £482.42.

The figures show the average revenue the site has made per player, by region, revealing where the most and least successful online players are by city. The company says that population size seems to have no bearing on player success rate, with the country’s largest cities, Manchester, Birmingham and London, being evenly spread across the results, placing 43rd (£353.20 per player), 29th (£271.42 per player) and 12th (£202.70 per player) respectively.

Interestingly, despite residing in the lowest income region in the whole of the UK, players from Middlesbrough came second in the list with average losses of £479.29, while the city with the highest income, London, came 39th with an average player loss of only £202.70.

A spokesman for Roulette.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading online casino authorities, said: “This is very interesting research, especially as we promote CastleCasino.com on our website.

“At present the majority of our visitors come from London and Manchester so this data could redefine our geographic advertising strategy.

“It is also fascinating to see the lack of correlation between average salary and amount lost.”