Wiganers say dentist is one of their top phobias

Frightening: a trip to the dentist
Frightening: a trip to the dentist

WIGANERS today revealed their secret fear of the dentist’s chair.

A straw poll of local shoppers only goes to confirm research carried out for National Smile Month by the British Dental Health Foundation which suggests many of us dread the old drill. In fact a quarter of those quizzed say visiting the dentist makes them more nervous than snakes or spiders.

And a similar feeling was soon detected in Ashton

Karen Lindley from Leigh insisted: “It’s worse than childbirth! I absolutely hate it, I need work on my teeth but I just won’t go to the dentist! Give me creepy crawlies any day, the dentist is not for me!”

Billie Abbott of Golborne said: “I’m really scared of going, it’s horrible. I hate drills and everything like that, it’s really nerve-racking!”

And Charlene Littler added: “I don’t like it at all. I can’t stand needles or anything else about the experience. Saying that, I can have tattoos and stuff like that, they don’t scare me.”

The Foundation asked people in the lead up to National Smile Month 2011 what made them most nervous from a list including heights, flying, injections, doctors, snakes, spiders, going to hospital and visiting the dentist.

A quarter in the region rated visiting their dentist as the thing that made them most nervous – more than any other category.

Statistically, heights topped the poll of biggest fears overall, closely followed by a visit to the dentist and going to the hospital, whilst flying brought up the rear. However, not everybody in Wigan can’t stand their visit, with a lot of praise being put on the personal relationship they have with their dentist.

Tracey Waterworth of Ashton said: “I didn’t used to like it but I’ve changed my dentist now and my new one is really nice.

“He makes me feel comfortable so I wouldn’t say I’m afraid at all.”

Elsie Dakin concurred: “I’ve had the same dentist for 30 years and he’s wonderful.”