Wiganers spend an average £22 on a first date

How much would you spend on a first date?
How much would you spend on a first date?

Wigan singletons are having their love life affected by “dating poverty”, with the average resident only able to afford to spend £22 on a date, a new survey has suggested.

A new survey carried out by glowing-embers.co.uk found that the average amount Brits can afford to spend on a date is the princely sum of £22.22.

Those in the North West spend £22.33, meaning Wiganers are romantic enough to shell out 11p more than the national average in a bid to woo someone.

And while it might seem like a tight budget, consider that Londoners only spend £1.05 more on a date night than those from Wigan – money which won’t go anywhere near as far in the capital.

The region most affected by date poverty, though, is the South West. Singletons living in the likes of Bristol and Dorset can only afford £19.44 on a date.

That could include bus fares to and from the cinema, but not much else.

The region second most affected by date poverty is Wales, who can just about stretch to £19.55.

However, those living in the South East are positively minted in comparison to the overall UK average, to the tune of £24.86.

Meanwhile, the West Midlands aren’t looking too shabby either, with £23.83 in their pocket to flash around.

Overall, times are so tough that it can even lead to not going on a date at all. The survey found one in 10 Brits actually cancels dates due to a lack of funds. And nearly half of single people (45.9 per cent) would be put off dating someone if that person were unable to afford to go on a date.

To find out more about how much Wiganers spend on a date, visit glowing-embers.co.uk/blog/dating-poverty-uk