Wiganese App for iphone

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UNDERSTANDING regional dialects can cause major problems. Look at Cheryl Cole’s recent experience in America!!

But this could become a thing of the past for Wigan thanks to a new high tech solution by a Manchester based software firm.

A free iPhone app has been designed which lets you listen to common phrases in the Wiganese dialect and translates them into English.

The solution has been created by a Manchester based IT company after it took on a Digital Marketing Manager, Martin Bradley from Wigan. “We had real problems understanding what Martin was saying”, says Daniel Atherton, Managing Director of Athernet Web Solutions. “It came to a head when he came out with Swantabrew! We thought he was swearing but he was actually asking if anyone wanted a cup of tea.” Following a number of similar situations the staff in the office decided an app was the best way to understand what Martin was saying. Now Martin can select from a list of common phrases on his iPhone and play them in proper English. But staff at Athernet can also translate English phrases into Wiganese to make Martin feel at home.

The app started as a bit of fun but it’s now seen as a real help for people from Wigan and those visiting the town who can now communicate with the local folk. Instead of saying, “I’m rather hungry, where is my food,” coming out with “Ah’mfurclemt!Weersmijackbit” gets a much better response. And for the thirsty, “Gerreminagen,” means much more in Wigan.