Wiggins in Wigan

Bradley Wiggins with some young fans in the Grand Arcade yesterday (Monday)
Bradley Wiggins with some young fans in the Grand Arcade yesterday (Monday)

TOUR de France winner Bradley Wiggins popped into the Grand Arcade just hours after his triumph in the Champs Elysees!

With a nation calling for the cycling ace to be knighted and the 32-year-old tipped to be become an overnight multi-millionaire, the down-to-earth champion couldn’t get back to his adopted town fast enough.

On Sunday afternoon he was acknowledging the Paris throng after becoming the first Brit to win the Tour. By Monday morning he popped into the Grand Arcade and then paid Sam and Logan Tomkins’ summer rugby camp a visit.

Wiggins said: “I’m a bit overwhelmed by it all if I’m honest.

“I took my son into Wigan for a rugby camp and I got stopped every two seconds.”

Wiggins was spotted by delighted fans in the shopping precinct’s Coffee Delight wife Cath and children Ben and Isabella. One lucky admirer, Karen Roberts tweeted a picture of Bradley with excited youngsters at the cafe.

Arcade manager John Sanson said: “He popped into the centre for a coffee with his wife and two kids.

“We didn’t want to bother him, though, he’s had a very busy weekend!”

Minutes later, Warriors star Sam Tomkins posted a picture on Twitter of Wiggins and himself at St Pat’s rugby club in Scholes where he was holding a special day of coaching camps with younger brother Logan.

During the Tour de France, in a column in a national newspaper, Wiggins had hinted that he may pop in to meet Sam at the camp and he proved a man of his word.

He and son Ben, who plays for Orrell St James, are huge Wigan fans - Wiggins was even spotted with a Warriors kit bag during the three-week cycling event.

And while the youngsters there were delighted to see two of their rugby heroes, the 23-year-old Wigan full-back was even more star-struck when the history-maker turned up.

Wiggins, born in Belgium and raised down south, moved north when he met Shevington-born wife Cath.

He spends a lot of time training in the region and attending events with the Wigan Wheelers cycling club.

Asked last week what he thought of his ever-growing attention and fame, he replied: “Where I live, no one gives a monkeys who you are.

“That’s the grounding of living in Wigan.”

That theory wasn’t quite so true yesterday, though, when he was spotted by his adoring fans.

His attention will now turn to the Olympics which kick off this Frida,y but the family man has made sure he has spent time with his biggest fans; his wife and children.