Will Wigan singles get naked on TV?

Are there any Wiganers out there brave enough to bare all on national TV?

Monday, 16th January 2017, 10:27 am
Updated Monday, 16th January 2017, 11:31 am
Ania Crosby

Local singles are being urged to “grab 2017 by the balls” and take part in the next series of Naked Attraction, the UK’s most daring dating show.

The explicit Channel 4 series sees a clothed contestant choose a suitor from six other naked people, who are concealed in glass boxes. Their bodies are revealed from the feet up. The contestant then slips into their own birthday suit, to invite their preferred choice on a fully-clothed date.

Successful applicants could follow in the footseps of Wigan’s Ania Crosby, who appeared on last year’s edition.

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The Standish ballet teacher described her experience on the show as “scary, exciting and awkward”.

The 21-year-old revealed she did have some anxiety about stripping off on national television, but that the producers would assure any successful applicants about body confidence.

She said: “They wanted to know if you’re good at being naked on camera, and a doctor spoke to us about some of the negative comments we might get and how to prepare for that.

“I’m the sort of person who is always naked around my friends. I’m quite happy for them to see everything because I’m quite confident with my body.”

Her family and friends were among millions of viewers to see her analyse the naked bodies of six complete strangers, and even said her mum was “very supportive from the start”.

“I really enjoyed the show, and 99 percent of comments were positive, which was much more than I expected,” Ania said.

Naked Attraction has also attracted controversy for its full frontal nudity, and some critics branded the show “gratuitous” and “voyeuristic”.

Daily Mail’s Christopher Stevens was heavily critical of the show, calling it “sad and depressing”.

He wrote: “Anyone who doubts the poisonous influence of internet porn has only to watch five minutes of Naked Attraction to see the damage done.”

The show also has plenty of defenders, praising it for displaying nudity in a less superficial way.

Auditions for Naked Attraction will take place throughout January and February. You must be over 18 but apart from that, there are no limits on who can apply. For your chance to appear on the show, email [email protected]